Being out of round, flatness, or un-true, un-balanced (as in a wheel on a bike)
Yo, I just hit a curb with my bike an' now my wheel be's all womped
by Deek da Biker December 09, 2005
Top Definition
To be totally destroyed, humiliated/embarrassed in a sporting or gaming event.
Joe: Did you see the Leafs game last night
James: Yeah, the Sens womped them 7-0!

Michael: I just womped Dan in a game of Hockey, he sucks.
by [M]agus January 23, 2006
the act of being so drunk that one blacks out and throws up everywhere; a level of drunk above being wasted
Bob: "What Happened last night?"

Tom: "You were so womped you spent the night next to the toilet"
by Eddie1423 September 25, 2010
When something is misshapen or dented due to the doings of another force.

When saying something is womped it is appropriate to put your hand parallel to each other, palms down and dent them inwards.
“Emma’s face got womped!”

“That floor is... womped."
by Kid Canti March 10, 2011
Whipped and swamped.
This usually applies to homework: When you are swamped by homework and it is whipping you, in other words:
You have too much homework and you don't understand it.

You know that feeling when your eyes start to blurr and you think you're going to fall asleep? There you have it.
I'm so womped!
I can barely stay awake: I'm womped!
I need to take a break, this homeworking is womping me. >>>oops, whoever wrote that was womped<<<
by lang 679 October 05, 2006
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