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An annoying person who only listens to dubstep. They are the kids rolling and womping the hardest at shows. Usually have on jerseys, flat bill's with pins from shows, and bring glowsticks.
David: Sup bro you hitting up the Bassnectar show tonight?

Schaefer: Yea bra I've been womping out all week in my apartment jammin' some Skrillex. Sonny's bass lines are SICK bra absolutely FILTHY!! Pumped for Bassnectar ready for the first drop!!!

David: Damn what a womp tard.
by blayzinjimm68 July 24, 2012
a person who only listens to dubstep, believes any form of jungle or drum and bass to be dubstep, and all other genres of techno are shit.
a group of people at a club or rave who ruined it for everyone else
Steve- Wanna go see deadmau5?
Womptard- Does he play dubstep?
Steve- No.
Womptard- He suxs, i love dubstep.
by v10l3nc3 March 27, 2011

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