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A person who has a disproportionately large head compared to their body.
Paul: Did you see that guy with the massive head?

Ben: Yeah that's just Terry, he sure is a wommie.
by Antilles1980 August 12, 2009
Wannabe Pommie- lol
Can be trying to be a posh english person or trying to fit in with london's youth's "chav" culture or in any other way trying to be or thinking they are English when they are not or have never been to England in there life.
Person 1: "OMFG who does that chick think she is, blasting that grime music and using chav-slang in every sentance. She's a total wommie"

Person 2: "Watch out she's coming over here"

Wommie(in strong American accent): "Oi, who ya fink you're hating on, fucking 'ell ya well annoying, innit? Your a right prick matey."

Person 1: "Name one city in London"

Wommie: "Ya know that one, with the place and stuff... ah well ya really fink ya cleva don't ya?" *runs away*
by My Opinion Fo' Sho' August 21, 2009
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