A female human. Female is one of the two sexes of the human species. Female humans can be differentiated genetically, physically, and psychologically from males. Contrary to popular statements made here, they are not equal to men. If the two sexes were equal, they would be the same. They are in fact different. Not equal, but complimentary. Often where a male is lacking, a female is not and vice versa. In Western culture, over the past few centuries, their behavior has become more degenerate and less classy. The same applies to males.
The differential between male and female genitals is symbolic of many differences between the two sexes. Women are more 'open' and men are more 'hardened', but usually more when around a female. Use your imagination.
by psx13372 September 27, 2014
One of the two sexes. Generally intelligent, strong, and beautiful. Can be anyone she wants to be and defy oppressive gender roles. Can create new life.

Has mental and physical power to do many things that males believe she can't do, like learn about complicated topics such as science, mathematics, art, and literature; have a career other than being a wife/caretaker and have a profession in areas from medicine to law to marathon running to musical composition to firefighting. Does not actually need a Prince Charming to survive.

Prejudiced against, considered less than men, viewed as just a sex object instead of a human being. Has many horrible, offensive slurs made about her in this very biased, prejudiced dictionary. Called slut, whore, harlot, and bitch by misogynists and males who think they're funny.

Women are an important part of life and are necessary as peers, friends, mentors, students, spouses, and much, much more than objects to sate sexual desire.
by violagirl May 04, 2012
Amazing,lovely,girlfriend,love,wife,amazing and sexy
Wow that woman is hot
by Jsapkaerkes April 16, 2015
What internet trolls could have fucked for free if they didn't waste their lives being dicks on UD!
Hey, neckbeard! Stop bitching, get off the computer, get a shave and you'll get a woman!
by SookyRottweiler November 27, 2013
A person who identifies as a female is a woman. However, if a child would identify as a female, they would be a girl.
Woman: I identify as a female, therefore, I am a woman.
by harleenophe September 03, 2015
An ancient, but still existing, being that no one is sure how it works. They are often known as sluts, skanks and you can figure out the rest. No one knows even to this day what they truly are. Some say that they are the opposite of a man.
Chris: So I was hitting of this one woman and-
Aidan: Wait, what's a woman?
Chris: I'm not sure.
by UrBad4152 January 13, 2015
Human with XX chromosomes.
Clearly some men here have a weird problem with women, shown by the warped and generally psychologically imbalanced statements below.
I'd like to say I have nothing against men at all and that I'm not putting men down as you guys have been putting down women before I start addressing two points.

1. I know that crap some guy wrote about being female is a birth defect is just some kind of bitter and irrational metaphor but I might as well address it as if it were meant truthfully. The truth is that all embryos start off as female, and it is actually the Y chromosome that later on turns any babies male that could be perceived as a 'defect' (even though neither are), as it is only half the size of the second X chromosome, and it is the cause of haemophilia in males as they can be missing the blood clotting gene in the missing part of the chromosome, whilst females cannot get this condition as they have two full XX chromosomes.

2. One disturbed individual said that women are less intelligent due to having smaller brains than men. If you did any kind of science you would know that in humans brain size is not related to intelligence, men merely have bigger brains as their bodies are proportionately larger. This has also been shown by the fact that sufferers of the condition microencephaly (a condition where the patient's brain is far smaller than normal) do not have impaired brain functioning and indeed enjoy normal intelligence.
In fact, the neurons in female brains are more interconnected which allows electrical impulses to be transmitted much faster than in male brains. Another facet of this is the question of how the people below explain the fact that girls out-perform boys throughout school life, as surely if women were less intelligent this would not be the case.

The boys who have written the below should really think about their issues with women because as a psychology student it seems to me to be a very unhealthy attitude, probably stemming from deep insecurities within themselves and their own gender identity, or possibly from past bad emotional experiences that should be dealt with. I'm sorry if the latter is the case but it is still no excuse to be writing the poisonous and offensive things that are written below. Frankly, you give men a bad name. It is men like you who perpetuate those generalizations and ruin it for all the lovely, emotionally balanced men out there, and to be fair, you are doing exactly the same to women when you write all this stuff about all of us being inferior in every way so please stop and think about what you are doing and deal with your issues.

Woman, you rock!
by The Happy Humanist February 16, 2010

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