If you expect respect you have to give it to everyone you meet.

Yelling, derogatory terms, selfishness, impulsiveness and anger towards women are all signs of abuse. Get out
My mom is a total woman. She brought me into this world, made my favorite food, got the coolest backpacks and left cool notes in my lunchbox. If anyone ever treated her wrong I would go crazy. I respect women
by mooooooooooomoooooo June 11, 2011
An extremely manly-looking woman.
Janet Reno would be defined as a wo-man.
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
An ancient, but still existing, being that no one is sure how it works. They are often known as sluts, skanks and you can figure out the rest. No one knows even to this day what they truly are. Some say that they are the opposite of a man.
Chris: So I was hitting of this one woman and-
Aidan: Wait, what's a woman?
Chris: I'm not sure.
by UrBad4152 January 13, 2015
Amazing,lovely,girlfriend,love,wife,amazing and sexy
Wow that woman is hot
by Jsapkaerkes April 16, 2015
In real life or anywhere other than UD: Anyone with two x chromosomes. Should be treated equally to men, unless said woman does or says anything to deserve less.

On UD: Some are alright, but most seem to be beings that continuously cries that men are assholes, and only exist to put down women, yet authors several unrealistic definitions of ALL men's faults.
Wow, look at what that woman posted on UD, it's so harsh and inaccurate.
by logicalthinker March 15, 2014
What internet trolls could have fucked for free if they didn't waste their lives being dicks on UD!
Hey, neckbeard! Stop bitching, get off the computer, get a shave and you'll get a woman!
by SookyRottweiler November 27, 2013
Ovary scum.
I'm kidding, this human being has boobs and a uterus
Look at that woman!
by Smalls232 October 01, 2015

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