Women make the world go around and feed you all in the same day!
Those age old sandwhich jokes are just that OLD! Don't tell those jokes in front of a woman you WILL get slapped.
#woman #world #sandwhich #feed #time
by Chevy Gurl July 10, 2011
An extremely manly-looking woman.
Janet Reno would be defined as a wo-man.
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
Female humans.

80 % of valedictorians and salutatorians.

60 % of universities and institutions of higher learning.
Lucy: Yay, I'm a girl, I'll probably be best in my class and go to Harvard!
Jack: Cunt, go make me a sandwich! Women!
Lucy: Fuck you, Jack! You'll be working at McDonald's in 5 years, loser! Lol! discouraged, criticized and assaulted if they
#girl #grrrrrrl #awesome #great #strong #life #best
by The Happy Humanist February 15, 2010

If you expect respect you have to give it to everyone you meet.

Yelling, derogatory terms, selfishness, impulsiveness and anger towards women are all signs of abuse. Get out
My mom is a total woman. She brought me into this world, made my favorite food, got the coolest backpacks and left cool notes in my lunchbox. If anyone ever treated her wrong I would go crazy. I respect women
#women #love #kids #lunch #life
by mooooooooooomoooooo June 11, 2011
A female human. Female is one of the two sexes of the human species. Female humans can be differentiated genetically, physically, and psychologically from males. Contrary to popular statements made here, they are not equal to men. If the two sexes were equal, they would be the same. They are in fact different. Not equal, but complimentary. Often where a male is lacking, a female is not and vice versa. In Western culture, over the past few centuries, their behavior has become more degenerate and less classy. The same applies to males.
The differential between male and female genitals is symbolic of many differences between the two sexes. Women are more 'open' and men are more 'hardened', but usually more when around a female. Use your imagination.
#females #women #female #woman #girl
by psx13372 September 27, 2014
In real life or anywhere other than UD: Anyone with two x chromosomes. Should be treated equally to men, unless said woman does or says anything to deserve less.

On UD: Some are alright, but most seem to be beings that continuously cries that men are assholes, and only exist to put down women, yet authors several unrealistic definitions of ALL men's faults.
Wow, look at what that woman posted on UD, it's so harsh and inaccurate.
#feminist #lunatic #female #human #being
by logicalthinker March 15, 2014
Female. Instead of being used as a noun (A woman with red hair) it has become and adjective, used as "lady" once was (A lady doctor).
Julia Gillard is Australia's first woman Prime Minister.
#female #adjective #misappropriation #incorrect grammar #lady
by Matti! Matti! Matti! January 18, 2011
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