A superior being responsible for all human life. Is the more kind, compassionate, caring, gentle, rational, and creative of the two genders. Her body is much more biologically complex than that of a man. The average lifespan of a woman is 7 years longer than men. She is less likely to engage in violent activity- being able to deal with her disputes with more civilized methods. She is better able to control her primal need for sex than men.

Men have managed to take control of society by using the one sole aspect in which they are superior to woman- brute strength. Man destroys while Woman creates.

The only reason the female seems to be overly concerned with her looks is because the male-dominated society has led her to believe since birth that she only has worth if she is beautiful.

The oppression she has had to endure throughout the history of humankind only serves to make her stronger.
A woman is a beautiful creature; highly superior to her male counterpart. The men who write the terrible things about them on this website are disgusting, pitiful excuses for human beings. They should go to their mothers immediately upon reading this and beg for their forgiveness and thank her for giving them life. Those who degrade women are only showing how extraordinarily inferior they are to her.
by Annee May 05, 2006
When compared to a man, a woman is

- less aggressive and violent
- less sadistic
- less anti-social
- less narcissistic
- better in school and college
A woman is awesome. The future is hers.
by The Happy Humanist May 30, 2010
the more intelligent half of the human race
A woman can do anything, including things men can't. When men say woman are less, it shows one of two things--that the men are truly afraid women are better and are trying to cover it up, or that these men truly don't have the slightest bit of intelligence left that they are unable to see how great women are.
by MusicianChick April 28, 2006
Definition unknown: See enigma
Women rock, but who the hell understands them?
by Paul Edinger October 21, 2004
Women make the world go around and feed you all in the same day!
Those age old sandwhich jokes are just that OLD! Don't tell those jokes in front of a woman you WILL get slapped.
by Chevy Gurl July 10, 2011
Women, such as me, are all delicate creatures. We deserve equal respect to men, and if we don't THAT's when we turn into bitches. We love being loved, and if you love us, we'll love you.

Women are not "a very effective cleaning agent", or "highly ornamental". We carry your children, love you unconditionally (no matter what Mother nature says, we still love you), and we are often misjudged. Most of us (not just feminazis) would like you to respect us and treat us equally, because we deserve it.

We are not "extremely complicated", we are just all individual people and we all have different preferences.

And as another post states: If you hate women so much: consider this- your mother carried you inside of her for months, then gave birth to you for hours more, loved you, and gave you life, and you hate women? I swear, some people are just ignorant.
Many women are important in life. For example: Your own mother, your grandmother, every one of the females in your family history, and other women close to you. Think closely for two seconds and you'll see how important women are.
by sniperkit December 18, 2010
Honestly, they are just the opposite gender to men. Nothing more, nothing less. All this bullshit about what a woman is or isn't is ALL purely opinionated. All that can be said is that men and women have some differing physical qualities, but honestly, those things are not even that important in a world where you can blow up half of France with the push of a button, yeah? So enough with all this back and forth bantering about who's being sexist and who isn't. FYI, the top definition for women on this site may not be exactly sexist, but it is horribly biased and suffers from the same sort of one sidedness that it claims it is trying to prevent. Yes, women are more than just walking sex toys but at the same time they can be just as cruel, unforgiving and shitty as men. There ARE as many cunt women as there are cunt men. If you post definitions that are essentially "women are angelic and pure and men are dicks", you are either a bitter woman or a pussy whipped man who needs to grow a spine and learn how to attract women without kissing their asses (which can be as dirty or more dirty than a man's ass).
The fact of the matter is, both women and men get an equal share of gripe in society. Women might not be viewed as overall as good as men from a physical, professional, or sometimes mental point of view, but on the same token, men are expected to always be "manly" and show as little intimate emotion as possible and fight all the time and protect the countries we're from and not be afraid of anything. Whereas women who are "strong" (traditionally a male quality) are praised, and so are women who are "dainty and cute" (a female quality). Men who are "dainty and cute" are viewed as faggots, (to be blunt) however.

Women are the opposite of men. That's really all there is to it. If you think they deserve special treatment, or you are a woman and you think you do, you are a sexist. Simple as that, really. A gentleman acts chivalrous to all, regardless of gender. If you know a man who only acts chivalrous to women, and you think he is a "gentleman", you are wrong. He's just an asshole who knows how to get laid.
by OLPZach April 08, 2014

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