Only good for three things......Cooking, sucking, and fucking.

See also: cunt.
After that women sucked my dick all night long, she cooked me up some waffles.
by NutzandBoltz November 21, 2007
Tools of men, who must obey the "three C's": Cooking, Cleaning, and ck... hrm, childcare.
"I'm sorry I don't listen to poor people... or women, am I right guys, eh, eh" -Mr. Wellington
by dancingdudesean April 11, 2005
Useless flap of skin around a pussy.
"I was about to get some pussy,but woman got in my way!"
by Phat_Bloke March 14, 2006
Something a heterosexual man can use to release any sexual tension.
I had two women suck my dick last night because I was really horny.
by Striker122 December 28, 2009
A stupid waste of space
exceppt for the vagina and BOOBIES

All they do is bitch at everything and whine any chance they get
need to stop being so damn over dramatic
Stop being such a Women
by Smartest person ever January 15, 2008
The useless stuff surrounding the vagina.
God that woman can't do anything right.
by bewired September 12, 2007
Kitchen Appliance: Sandwich Maker.
What are all these women doing out of the kitchen?
by There Are No Gods Up Here May 01, 2010

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