Women are possibly the hardest things to define in the world,we can define 15 character words but saying the word "Woman" means having a headache for a week.

They are always complicated and most times hide their feelings, if a guy has a girl that doesn't, then let that man come to me and give me PROOF! i won't believe him otherwise. :D

Women can be good when used in the right way, but if you let them use you, they will walk all over you, easily.

My last girlfriend was a bitch and hope she would die..lovely the power of love.
Women..Cant live with them, Cant live without them.
by Michael1337 December 07, 2005
Usually make no sense and lack complete common sense. Peers into the most simplest of things to deep, and are glutton for pain.
James I don't get why women enjoy pain.
by WestIndiesKing November 05, 2005
The only difference between Utopia and our current society.
As long as women exist, Utopia will never happen.
by Carl800 October 15, 2006
People who can make good sandwiches. Or are great in the bed. But rarely both.
Some men don't get relationships with women for sex, some just want good sandwiches.
by waterbottle filled with juice April 22, 2010
Gender opposite of MALE. Are prone to slight anorexia, attraction to interacting with other "WOMEN", obtaining useless goods, (Also reffered to as shopping ) sharing intense hate and gossip with other women ( backstabbing ) and trying to prove they are superior to men.
Habitats include mud pile, ghetto, slum, city, and near the telephone. Women can remember a negative event with another woman and will preform certain rituals when they sense that woman. Extremely attracted to currency and men with a large currency deposits. Many are much less prone to sexual urges than man but will do anything to please them. Most women are hypocritical and will try to pick out any inperfection of anyone, and constantly blindly accuse their husbands of cheating. Those that do so are 75 percent more likely to maintain 2 active sexual relationships at once.

Most women claim men are inferior as stated earlier and usually their only backup is that "They have the Kids" and that "They put up with the stress". These accusations will continue to occur even if the Man does the backbreaking work and watches the kids just as much as the women does. In reality, the female brain simply "amplifies" the effect of normal stress as a result as a womens increased sensitivity.
And, ladies we WOULD have the kids if we COULD so you would all stop bitching about it. Anything for you, honey. Isn't that how it ALWAYS is?
Every women on Earth, minus YOU, right?
by Tyler Edge February 05, 2006
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