thing that makes sandwhiches
get in the kitchen woman and make me a sanwhich!
by zems March 01, 2009
A creature of hate.
Often untrustworthy and dangerous in various ways.
Quite frequently sexist and believes herself better than men.

From a woman's perspective, I believe there are very few good and respectable women in the world anymore.
A fair and reasonable woman is very rare, but quite relieving when found.
by Girl-Against-Girls November 02, 2007
Sent by satan to destroy whole mankind.(Older form of a girl) They always try to be equal to men

Proof that woman are evil:

First, girls need time and money:
Girl = Time * Money
And we know that time is money:
Money = Money * Money
We also know that money is the root of all evil:
Money = Evil ^ 1/2
Money ^ 2 = Evil
by JohnnyB7 May 03, 2007
A creature created by God for the pleasure of mankind. Women are often offended by simple remarks, and their unusually unstable emotional state often restrains them from tasks that a male would do. In other words, they are inferior to men.
Dont act like a woman.
by asASas July 17, 2006
A creature filled with so much curiousity that it is driven to be a materialistic slut who is never satisfied and is always wanting a man with a bigger penis and more money. They can never get enough attention, money, or big cocks.
A good example of a woman is a female dog.
by The all knowing wise man July 14, 2006
The one who makes the food. And cleans.
Make me a sandwich, woman.
by sdv95 June 17, 2010
What you shout when she's not in the kitchen
by theSUPREMEgender December 22, 2009

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