What you shout when she's not in the kitchen
by theSUPREMEgender December 22, 2009
Woe to man
Woman is the real woe to men!
by Kind King of Doom September 16, 2009
The skin around a woman's vagina.
Nazi: What's the skin around a woman's vagina?
Jew: (Awkward Pause)
Nazi: The woman.
by Peter Dick December 01, 2007
A device primarily used for carrying breasts.
That boob carrier looks a decent woman.
by pompo500 August 01, 2007
Sent by satan to destroy whole mankind.(Older form of a girl) They always try to be equal to men

Proof that woman are evil:

First, girls need time and money:
Girl = Time * Money
And we know that time is money:
Money = Money * Money
We also know that money is the root of all evil:
Money = Evil ^ 1/2
Money ^ 2 = Evil
by JohnnyB7 May 03, 2007
a female species who follows order by male or dominate
male:go make me some pie woman
by ron centers November 24, 2006
See vagina for full definition.
Man that a nice woman
by Pat-Ukn August 26, 2006

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