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The skin around a woman's vagina.
Nazi: What's the skin around a woman's vagina?
Jew: (Awkward Pause)
Nazi: The woman.
by Peter Dick December 01, 2007
The useless flap of skin found around a vagina.
Woman, get back in the bed.
by Warmpain November 09, 2007
Some form of device used primarily for cooking, cleaning and sexual activities. Scientist have not yet discovered another use for women, however researchers are often in pursuit for other uses. Some researchers have discovered that 99% of women on the other hand do like to be mistreat or 'demoralised' in ways i could not tell you without making you feel bad.
1.Woman get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwhich

2.Man: *hols woman like object while effing her*

3. 'Demoralising' Man: *secretes white substance into girls mouth to her suprise, even though she asked him to tell her b4 he does* he than makes her say silly stuff like thank you, and that was a great experience

Woman: *still comes back for more even though gets broken down mentally and degraded.
by Joshua Coghill October 18, 2007
A device primarily used for carrying breasts.
That boob carrier looks a decent woman.
by pompo500 August 01, 2007
a female species who follows order by male or dominate
male:go make me some pie woman
by ron centers November 24, 2006
life support for a vagina.
I love that woman, she has the best vagina!
by zforce October 26, 2006
The half of the human race which has the dead weight and weakness imposed with reproduction. They are physically, psychologically, and emotionally weaker than their male counterparts. This is due to both a shorter developmental period, a smaller body and a brain with fewer cells, and the physical and mental dead weight imposed with reproductive organs. Women also have a less developed sense of logic and judgment, which results in a tendency to lie (poorly).
Modern Feminists like to call themselves right-brained and creative to help their gender insecurities and attempt to feel superior to men. They do not let petty facts discourage them, and claim that the reason there are few great female scientists and no great female artists is because of society. They ignore scientific evidence and call their opponents prejudiced.
Modern feminists also believe their bodies can be as strong if not stronger as a man's. They ignore the fact that sports require gender segregation to allow women to compete. Otherwise, little Suzy might be beaten in basketball by the taller, stronger men...and that wouldn't be good for her little girl self esteem, would it?
Women enjoy sex less than men because they have to be "in the mood" to "do it" and even then they often feel weak and helpless. They tend to enjoy it less because, evolution wise, childbirth makes a man a father (if he desires) but is a weakening if not deadly experience for women. Despite this, they endure intercourse as a way to gold dig, to find a potential husband, and to feel a vacant sense of worth. They suffer psychological and physical trauma, and tend to become depressed from the hormonal imbalance.
1. Women are dreamers and fantasizers, while men are doers and philosophers.
2. A woman likes to lie and pretend. They act like looking weak and stupid is "cute," although the real reason guys like it is because it makes them look easy. They will also strip to pay for a (little girl fad here) dress to "cleanse their mind and spirit."
3. Guy 1: So you broke up with her?
Guy 2: Yeah, that chick is crazy. She tried to voodoo magic to punish me for "using" her.
Guy 1: Man, chicks are funny when the're pissed.
Guy 2: I know. She actually thinks that I'll go bald.
by Mr. 1000 August 24, 2006