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a 'woman' is a creature quite like a man, except that they have two penises on the the upper half of their body, and a small clam like thing down where men have theirs. they normally are better looking than a man, but are much less muscly.
the term 'woman' was originally 'woe for man' but was shortened as the lanuage developed. 'woe for man' came from the fact that men were generally discredited by woman, causing them woe
'you son of a bitch! you couldn't clean the dishes if u tried!'
'stop being such a bitch, woman!'
by hahahilariousnot April 16, 2010
Something that belongs in the kitchen or the bedroom. Should not be driving. Should not be on the internet, as there is no computer between the bedroom and the kitchen.

Some women should not be allowed to talk. Their brain is ruled by emotions and hormones, and become very unstable during certain times of the month. Should be making men sammichs. Should bring a beer to their partner when he enters the door after a long day of work, and should also allow their partner to get some action whenever he desires.
Your mom is a woman.

Guy 1: Dude, I'm hungry.

Guy 2: WOMAN!

Woman: Yes, my dear?

Guy 2: Make me and my friend a sammich. Then head up to the bedroom for some action later.

Woman: Yes, my dear.
by A Real Name April 13, 2010
A crazy bitch who cannot control their emotions. Known to: rage, cry, pms, and much more. Women (pl.) are known to rarely make up their minds and to never say what they really mean. women have a very hard time moving on from stuff due to emotional ties which are fucking stupid. Typically very talkative and don't know their place.
Person A: "man, my girlfriend just wont shut the fuck up"

Person B: "so she's a 'woman'?"
by Wimmeh April 02, 2010
The one who ate the apple from the forbidden tree and Fucked it up for all of us.
Man 1: Im going to Hell.
Man 2: Why?
Man1: Cuz of a Woman.
by ColombianO75 March 22, 2010
the worthless skin around a vagina, in 80% of cases. In the other 20%, an intelligent, caring, creative, rational individual of the human race.
Dude you need to get a woman!
Why? I can get some pussy anytime I want!!!
by aboriginee of terror January 26, 2010
What you shout when she's not in the kitchen
by theSUPREMEgender December 22, 2009
An Object, not unlike a toaster
Guy 1: hey i need to clean my house can i borrow your broom?

Guy 2: It's broken but you can borrow my woman if you want it's just as good

Guy 1: Thanks man you rock!
by Mr.Perfect1 December 11, 2009