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n. A life support system for a vagina.
Man, I sure could use a woman right now.
by ars64 March 09, 2006
562 896
The one who ate the apple from the forbidden tree and Fucked it up for all of us.
Man 1: Im going to Hell.
Man 2: Why?
Man1: Cuz of a Woman.
by ColombianO75 March 22, 2010
44 379
An Object, not unlike a toaster
Guy 1: hey i need to clean my house can i borrow your broom?

Guy 2: It's broken but you can borrow my woman if you want it's just as good

Guy 1: Thanks man you rock!
by Mr.Perfect1 December 11, 2009
53 388
thing that makes sandwhiches
get in the kitchen woman and make me a sanwhich!
by zems March 01, 2009
75 410
useless flap of skin around the vagina.
i tried to get my dick in that vagina, but the useless woman was in the way.
by nigggers November 14, 2008
74 409
Useless meat surrounding the vagina.
That's a fine piece of woman right there!
by sidoon July 14, 2008
63 398
Life support for a vagina.
A woman's place is in the kitchen and the bedroom. No where else.
by Mr. Ken January 03, 2008
64 399