What alcohol turns men into.
When men drink too much alcohol they:
Can't drive
Argue with everyone over nothing
Ramble on without making sense
Gain weight
Become overly emotional
Fail to think rationally
Have to sit down when urinating
Cant perform sexually
refuse to apologize when wrong
and for the serious drinkers...develop man boobs (gynecomastia)
just like a woman.
by internal capsule November 07, 2009
the worthless skin around a vagina, in 80% of cases. In the other 20%, an intelligent, caring, creative, rational individual of the human race.
Dude you need to get a woman!
Why? I can get some pussy anytime I want!!!
by aboriginee of terror January 26, 2010
Something to love and respect and if played right...something to put your dick in
Dave-you going to the bar tonight?
Jerry-No im gonna go give all the love an respect in the world tonight to my woman(girlfriend/lover)so I can fuck her
by ...what? May 18, 2009
Woe to man
Woman is the real woe to men!
by Kind King of Doom September 16, 2009
thing that makes sandwhiches
get in the kitchen woman and make me a sanwhich!
by zems March 01, 2009
A creature of hate.
Often untrustworthy and dangerous in various ways.
Quite frequently sexist and believes herself better than men.

From a woman's perspective, I believe there are very few good and respectable women in the world anymore.
A fair and reasonable woman is very rare, but quite relieving when found.
by Girl-Against-Girls November 02, 2007
Sent by satan to destroy whole mankind.(Older form of a girl) They always try to be equal to men

Proof that woman are evil:

First, girls need time and money:
Girl = Time * Money
And we know that time is money:
Money = Money * Money
We also know that money is the root of all evil:
Money = Evil ^ 1/2
Money ^ 2 = Evil
by JohnnyB7 May 03, 2007

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