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1. A female of the human species who has obtained seniority over girls.
2. A creature God created to torment man, as is evident in the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Eve chose to feast upon the forbidden fruit, and afterwards convinced Adam to do the same, casting them both out of paradise.
3. The ultimate manipulator, with an immense emotional arsenal.
4. By default, always the victim, regardless of circumstance.
Yes, that woman stabbed me in the kidney with a rusty ice pick for no reason, but she was suffering from PMS, so I was put in prison instead, and she was awarded several large trophies. I now am where I deserve to be.
by YarPirate August 20, 2005
Something to love and respect and if played right...something to put your dick in
Dave-you going to the bar tonight?
Jerry-No im gonna go give all the love an respect in the world tonight to my woman(girlfriend/lover)so I can fuck her
by ...what? May 18, 2009
1. The female of the human species. Virtually identical to man aside from small degree of sexual dimorphism and female sexual characteristics.
2. Approximately half the schmucks in the world. (for the other half, see also man)
3. Masters of driving heterosexual men absofuckinglutely insane.
1. That woman has boobs.
2. That woman is smothering her boyfriend's best friend with her boobs.
3. God damn! That woman was shoving her tits in my face! Is she that easy, and what the fuck is Marco gonna do when he finds out!?!
n. A life support system for a vagina.
Man, I sure could use a woman right now.
by ars64 March 09, 2006
Woe to man
Woman is the real woe to men!
by Kind King of Doom September 16, 2009
thing that makes sandwhiches
get in the kitchen woman and make me a sanwhich!
by zems March 01, 2009
See vagina for full definition.
Man that a nice woman
by Pat-Ukn August 26, 2006