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No existsing manual entry!
Racaille:~ xSmurf$ man woman
No manual entry for woman
by The xSmurf May 04, 2005
44 366
WOE + MAN = WOMAN (singular)
WOE + MEN = WOMEN (plural)
The definitive definition of Woman/Women. Beats all other definitions in that it describes the obvious in so few words.
by The Mother September 18, 2006
66 389
what you call a girl when they piss you off/make u frustrated. used in jest, very slightly sexist.

PLEASE, shut yer mouth woman!!!
by da booze man November 26, 2006
292 616
It can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead.
Bob: That red-eyed metal thing that's chasing us is a terminator, right?
Fred: No, it's a woman
by Who dat dere? April 22, 2010
63 388
When a male does something 'womanly' or unmanly this insult will be thrown at them. This is the ultimate derogatory statement to define an emo-tastic, man loving, teachers pet whom loves balls to the eye. A man who only wants a relationship with women. Someone who also complains about being called a woman. Or a man with no balls... and likes to say Gay Explosion and uses midget cream. Also a man that thinks other men are exquisite, and enjoys a daily dose of balls off cocktails (Blowing other men and painting nude portraits of them).
Wes: Dude, Glenn is such a woman.
Jared: Yeah man all he wants from chicks is a relationship.
Ben: Bitch, It's what's for dinner!
Dave Chappelle: Later Broke-Mother Fuckers
by Jack Me Hoffman May 15, 2007
35 361
1. The female counterpart of males. The part of humans that give birth.

2.A term of endearment.

3.A word used out of anger, usually to spite females.
1.God made man, and from his rib made woman to keep him company.

2.I love that woman.

3."God Damn it, woman! You're going to be the end of me!!!!!!
by aakino November 29, 2006
162 488
1. A female of the human species who has obtained seniority over girls.
2. A creature God created to torment man, as is evident in the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Eve chose to feast upon the forbidden fruit, and afterwards convinced Adam to do the same, casting them both out of paradise.
3. The ultimate manipulator, with an immense emotional arsenal.
4. By default, always the victim, regardless of circumstance.
Yes, that woman stabbed me in the kidney with a rusty ice pick for no reason, but she was suffering from PMS, so I was put in prison instead, and she was awarded several large trophies. I now am where I deserve to be.
by YarPirate August 20, 2005
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