A portable sandwich making machine, but can also double up as a personal sex machine.
I really fancy a sandwich...Where's the woman?
by AyHach October 05, 2011
Something to fuck when a man or lesbian is done smoking cigarettes and beating inferior animals.
Where's that woman, I need to fuck something and the only thing I have is the lifeless body of this cat I just beat the shit out of.
by womensrights90210 July 22, 2011
A member of the human race. Very hard to handle. Indigenous to our ribs. Show extreme caution while approaching one.
Women speak their own language. It's called crazy
by Devin J the Snipe February 14, 2011
you cant live with them, but you cant fuck beer
the hole in the bottlle or can is too small for even a baby dick. I guess i will have to fuck women.
by chip ezzy February 18, 2011
wi-men The root of all evil.
Person A: What got us kicked out of the garden of Eden?

Person B: That bitch with the 70's porn pubes between her legs tempted Adam with a healthy apple while he was eating doritos and watching the game. He took one bite and Morgan Freeman bitch slapped his ass out of the garden along with his bitch wife. Afterwards, she started nagging about how this would not have happened if he paid more attention to her and then she wondered off subject until she started blaming him for the five extra pounds she gained since she left the garden.

Person A: So women fucked us over?

Person B: Damn straight.
by uzi killer January 30, 2011
Common household accessory.
Sammich maker.
Please note: Best results achieved if placed in or around the kitchen.

Also note: It is wise to not allow women to come in contact with money as it will magically dissapear as if David Blaine were present.
by Teh-Magik-Waffle August 30, 2011
Parasites that use a weak appearance with less muscle mass to lure prey (men), and latch onto them with their vaginas. Once connected they inject a fluid called pleasure along with a venom known as guilt trips that keep their victim paralyzed yet hopelessly bamboozled as they proceed to drain precious money, time and marijuana from them.
Christine: Hold on, I have to go check my phone.

Chase: Wait, hold on. Pay your half of the check first.

Christine: What? I thought this was a date.

Chase: Yeah, you damn parasite. But that doesn't mean that I have to pay for EVERYTHING. You fucking tapeworm...

Christine: *puts $8 on the table* Damn then, here.*Walks away*

Chase: Damn women, thinking I'll always fall for that bullshit..
by APotSmokingCentipede April 14, 2011

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