The opposite of man, of whom are praised and worshipped in American society, when in actuality are as filthy and nasty as men themselves.
by Elrith October 28, 2011
the useless skin around a pussy
"Don't pay attention to that woman, it's what's down south that matters."
by jkc9109 January 28, 2009
Less dominant version of a male until around the modern era when they began receiving "rights" there by taking control of the male population often leaving them "whipped". Typically women are precieved as kind loving caring and at times erotic to the ones they love, but for those who are nothing but dickless douches and/or sluts there is a saying, "bitches ain't nothing but hoes and tricks." this phase which happens each month sometimes by choice is known as but not relating to "the time of troubles" aka "hell on earth." during this period I caution all men and women in control to be wary. They usually reside in da kitchen, assume something's wrong if elsewhere.
by Iamaman August 08, 2012
One of the most complicated types of humans there is in the world. they never know for sure what they want and when they do know it is what they don't deserve or should not have. Women tend to nag and argue a lot. They are the opposite of men and one of the most beautiful creatures on earth.
There is not enough women to please me.
by jpo408! November 21, 2011
Only good for three things.. Cooking, Cleaning, and Vaginas.
Your mom, is such a woman.
by Women don't deserve dreams. October 31, 2009
The extra skin around the vagina.
Marty: Hey, what's the name for loose skin around the vagina?

Mitchell: That's the woman, baby.
by urbanman454 May 14, 2012
Multi-purpose device created for cooking, cleaning and fucking. Malfunctions more often than not. Commonly referred to as bitch, slut, whore etc.
"Make me a sandwich woman!"
"Clean the fucking house woman!"
"Get the fuck back in bed woman!"
by f1sht4rd December 11, 2011

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