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when a woman has a rhombus shaped womb, implying she's a dysfunctional slut
Man, I plowed that girl last night, definitely had a wombus
by Rhina March 08, 2016
An extremely large or fat person that makes you feel jolly because they dont realize. they think they have friends in most cases, and sometimes do, as they are so very friendly. people dont like being mean to them.
Santa Clause.


girl: ewwww andy just said he likes me

best friend: uh why do you talk to him? Wombus.. seriously. he is.

girl: well yeah.. but hes so nice. i like texting him:)

best friend: okay sounds like a plan, he makes me feel jolly.
by heheimabitch September 10, 2010
A creature that lives only around a small town called Loma Mar, and eats blood. it looks like a giant armadillo without the shell...
"Bushes rusle"
Danielle: WHAT WAS THAT?!?!
John: it was just a Wombus...
by Wombus finder January 10, 2011
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