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(noun) A single woman aged 21-34 who has a child. She tries harder than a normal woman with no kids to look hot and will typically do more in bed in order to attract a mate to help support her and raise her child. Indicators include: a lot of eye shadow, lives with her parents, lets you do crazy things to her in bed in order to prove her worth.
See similar: Cougar.
I went home with a Wombat last night and then played videogames with her son in the morning.
by Warrior Zohan March 02, 2011
The most amazing animal that lives on this planet. it tops all other on beastly animals like the gay Red Ruffed Lemur. this animal lives in Australia and is almost extinct so support the Wombat Foundation!
I love those amazing Wombats they are the most beastly animals. So i created the cool Wombat Foundation.
by Billyroxmysox March 17, 2008
An amazing, cuddly, adorable little critter that is more than just the biggest marsupial!!

Comes in three designer types:

Egyptian, German, African
OHMIGAWD look at those wombats!! HE IS SO POOPIN CUTE!!
by TayGoo February 16, 2008
1) What to call one of your mates if he won't come to the footy with you....
2) Standing for W.Women, O.Over, M.Mates, B.Beer, A.And, T.Television
3) Comes in close use of the term pussy whipped
Hey pal you coming to the footy with us tonight??
Nah sorry mate, goin to see a movie with my girlfriend
Oh, ya fuckin wombat
She's got ya real pussy whipped hasn't she??
by Juicecake October 09, 2005
A Wombat is a beat-ass female nocturnal creature usually found hunting unsuspecting drunk males in your local bar with no regard for human decency.
Syn: Swamp-Donkey, War-Pig, Bat, Gremlin, Wild Animal,
by Apt#2- 3 Annabella St. UD April 21, 2003
A stereotype for rich South Americans temporarily staying in the United States that do the following:

1. Constantly jaja
2. Douse themselves in cologne or perfume
3. Congregate in large groups where Spanish is the primary language
4. Have no shame in taking the elevator down from the 2nd floor of apartment buildings
5. Party on random weekday nights while listening to Celine Dion or Marc Anthony

5. Talk with their Papis or Mamis on the phone for 2/3 of the day
6. Use massive amounts of hair gel or makeup on a regular basis
7. Use English for sole purpose of buying expensive clothes at Gucci and Versace
8. Wear clothes that are too tight or extremely revealing
9. Shun Americans that can't share in everyday jajaing
10. Wear white athletic socks with boat shoes

The term wombat comes from the babbling sounds heard when they're in clusters (womb-ba-ba-ba-ba)
I was stuck in the elevator today when wombats surrounded me and started jajaing
by cdubs32 July 14, 2010
A clingy, stalker-ish girl who is both socially awkward and outlandish in romantic situations. Wombats are known to give countless ultimatums, have problems with drug/alcohol and have issue with rejection.

Wombat applies strictly to women, where as a man with the same characteristics is known as a Dingo.
Told ya she's a Wombat!
by Gidgetsflow.com June 06, 2010