A lunch lady who is small in stature and sulks around hunched over similar to a wombat. A female cafeteria employee who ressembles a wombat. A high school food server with puffy hair, T-Rex arms, with a loathesome demenor.
I receieved my BBQ pork rib and mashed potatos from "wombat" today.
by OHmanTHISisaJAM October 08, 2005
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A stocky terrestrial marsupial.
Captain lost his leg to a wombat hole.
by TanooKirby June 11, 2003
Waste of money, brains and time
Going there was a complete WOMBAT.
by stefan January 14, 2004
The thick patch of hair nestled in a man's asscrack. It is often so thick that the owner of the wombat must either use sheers or electric clippers, or if so lucky, enlist the assistance of a girlfriend or partner to trim through the tangles. It is often said that the hair is so dark, that light cannot escape its surface.
After a long day of hiking in the woods, Ryan was despondent to find out that his wombat was laden with sweat, lint, and brambles.
by Montay January 10, 2008
A fat 4 legged furry creature with the same attitude as us men
Wombat: Eats roots and leaves
by flat6 July 14, 2006
An English band! Kind of Indie, really good music
K) Have you heard the new Wombats song?
V) Yeh its great
by Vickstardatrickstar September 30, 2007
acronym for Wack Off Master Beats All the Time can also be spelled with 2 T's
I caught my brother jacking again, he is a total WOMBATT
by monty l November 15, 2007
The most amazing animal that lives on this planet. it tops all other on beastly animals like the gay Red Ruffed Lemur. this animal lives in Australia and is almost extinct so support the Wombat Foundation!
I love those amazing Wombats they are the most beastly animals. So i created the cool Wombat Foundation.
by Billyroxmysox March 17, 2008

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