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A legal term for someone who is charged with committing an act of vandaliam on or inside the womb of a human or animal. This also includes the sadistic hobbie of crawling up inside a womb and setting fireworks off. As seen in the infamous case of Mr N Demp-C in 1902. Womb Vandalism is written under chapter 56 paragraph 22.3 of the legal and legisism act of 1754 in only 2 countries in the world. These two countries are not known, but researchers have found that they lye somewhere near the earths equator, in a region known as no mans land or NML.
In court the judge read out the charges: Right Mr Demp-C your have been charged with Womb Vandalism, how do you plead?

Mr Demp-C screamed like a gorilla as he unbuttoned his shirt and ripped off his pants shouting. "I'm Guilty, Guilty as charged!"
by wuddawhist March 15, 2012
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