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The kind of guy who appears to be male yet over-reacts to the slightest of relationship problems. Often cries or complains about girlfriends being deceitful for no reason. Generally manipulative emotionally. Tend to gossip. Will often shift emotions sporadically to place blame for a fathomed problem on their partner. Be very wary of the woman-man for he is often hard to spot until it is too late.
"OMG! He WON'T stop crying! I didn't even do anything!"
"Well, what did you expect?! He's a woman-man!"

"That guy is really cute!"
"Yeah, but be careful, ____ dated him and said he's a real woman-man."
by Ex-Victim January 17, 2010
a woman with some male characteristics such a deep voice,man hands,(on rare occasions)balls, a very hairy chest(excludes boobs)and a retractable penis inside the vagina.
GUY1-hey dude you mangled what happened!
(sees guy holding bleeding out of his buttocks)
Guy2-A woman man!!!
(guy2 dies from massive blood loss)
(guy2 dies rectal truma
by crazed stichmouth January 18, 2009
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