White Old Men, noun.
Those two guys playing Racquetball are such WOM's !!

Geritol is WOM Juice !!

Only WOM's voted for him!!
by Bry50 May 15, 2009
An adjective or noun, with a negative connotation. Used in same manner as douchebag or tool. Not as severe as it's hybrid cousins.
Dude, you're such a wom.

Oh, that test was wom.
by Duke Pockets January 22, 2009
Women over mates - a guy who sees his gf, for example over, his mates 24/7
<<insert name>> is a wom boy ;o
by biggs March 05, 2005
The sound one hears after performing a whippit.
*Whip-it*, 8 seconds later the user will hear, "wom wom wom wom wom wom wom wom wom". Sounds like a tiny fan near each ear.
by Surjj July 25, 2008
A man who hangs around a large group of women.
Giles is such a wom.
by Trvr October 23, 2006
a cool person, or thing that is also amazingly intelligent.
the wom got 100 on the math quiz
by Ann Roed May 03, 2005
To feel immense anger
I'm so wom about that
by Dr Dock November 30, 2003

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