Wom is everything and everywhere. It can be manifested as the word "wom" itself or just a slice of pie on a face. If you chant loudly enough, they both happen (If you have the Necronomicon, you know how to do it simultaneously.) Wom is within everyone. It sees all, knows all, and affects all. The Illuminati stole wom for their "All-Seeing Eye". Wom is a smile on a babby's face or a knowing look from your coworker. Wom is, to put it bluntly, womtastic.
Wom makes children smile.
by Wom Wom Wom August 08, 2008
The sound a riced out - douche-bag driven car makes.
Just do a video search (google, youtube... you can figure this out) for "eclipse exhuast"

The sound from a song of which has a heavy bass with a WOM WOM WOMMM sound. usually dubstep
Dubstep song: WOM WOM WOMMMMM
by Dubstepa April 02, 2010
word of mouth..meaning things get spread by telling people who tell people.
the news of Katies pregnancy spread from one person to the next to the next, by w.o.m. only
by racheljunepaige August 22, 2009
Word Of Mouth marketing.
I womed business.
by Vilan December 09, 2009
A word used to express a feeling of excitement or joy when something good has happened or when one has a strong superior/positive feeling about something
"I totally womd you in that game of ping-pong"

Person 1:"Hey I just got that job I really wanted"
Person 2:"WOM"
by jc/glo August 07, 2009
White Old Men, noun.
Those two guys playing Racquetball are such WOM's !!

Geritol is WOM Juice !!

Only WOM's voted for him!!
by Bry50 May 15, 2009

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