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When you are waken up.
Austin said 'wolk' is not a word but it is, DAMNIT!
by Skyeeee May 16, 2008
Another spelling for the the word "Woke". Both mean the past tense of "Wake" and both are pronounced the same way......Try it.
i wolk up at 4 o'clock in the morning!
by Mrs. Sneaky Butcher June 24, 2009
a life form symbiotic with a human asshole, and or a douche bag.

(2) a male who fucks chickens AKA a
"Chicken Fucker"
"Dude you are such a wolk".
by ker bunnz April 14, 2009
Akronym of Wrath of the Lich-King, the upcoming expansion for the very popular MMORPG World of Warcraft.

Wotlk can aslo be used as an alternative as a short for Wrath of the Lich-King.
-Yay, Blizz said that Wolk is being released in Febuary! Omg i cant wait.
-Im guessing July, you can never count on blizz regarding release dates.
by Johan Wallmén-Westerlund October 04, 2007
To stick it in the pooper while being given a dirty sanchez.
Guy: Do you wolk?
Friend: Fuck no, that's for homos.
by koolkalifornia November 27, 2006
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