A sorry excuse for a dean.
We hate Wolfson.
by Undisclosed April 30, 2003
Top Definition
To projectile vomit and shit simultaneously, or the act of vomiting and shitting simultaneously. Named for Dr. Jack Wolfson, a cardiologist who stated he has no responsibility to protect others' children from fatal diseases.
I wolfsoned after eating pizza and washing it down with an energy drink. Shit! I think I'm about to wolfson!
by LaughsAngrily February 03, 2015
When you like your own shit on social media and brag about how you and your family are better than everyone else. You are a total arrogant asshole who only cares about being right and anyone who talks to you is simply lucky to gain such important and secret knowledge from you. You think "chemtrails" and vaccines are a government conspiracy and anyone who disagrees are "trolls" and "shills" on Monsanto and Big pharma's payroll.
Friend: Chemicals are never safe! Wake up and do your research. Monsanto and Big Pharma are poisoning us!
Me: I think it's time to open a chemistry book and learn some science. You're acting like a Wolfson right now.
by Carly1992 July 20, 2015

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