v. to play someone to get a raise
calipari: yeah i needed some cash, so i just wolfpacked them

guy 1: are you really going to quit?
guy 2: nah, i just thought i'd wolfpack them
by pwntzor April 26, 2006
a group of several tow trucks that lay in wait near stadiums, concerts, or other large events waiting to tow cars that may be parked illegally.
Don't even think about parking in that loading zone, I just saw a wolfpack around the corner.
by smartypants October 07, 2004
a group of bad cops in the bay area that coinside with the street gangs.
wolfpack is a cop that is secretly working with the gangs.
by Zephan Allenbrand July 27, 2006
A group of adolesent fags at some snotty ass private school who own a couple of rap CD's and wear gay-looking baggy pants and call each other dawg. They Actualy believe they are in a gang! (If you count them all down on their knees blowing each other as a gang)
Boy, that wolfpack is a bunch of cock loving homos!
by Damn that mainstreaming!! June 04, 2003
A wolfpack is a group of gay, dick sucking little bitches. Some prick named "Jeb" or "Jed" or some other bitch-like name would probably be in a wolfpack.
Wow, the wolfpack lubed up Jeb's gay ass and gang fucked him all weekend!

Don't turn your back on the wolfpack!
by Wolfpack-queers June 04, 2003
The sickest most nuts alliance to ever grace the earth. Founded at The Hill School by JJP and BH carried on by CP, JC, CD, and RD.
Dont turn your back on the wolfpack
by Jeb Coleman June 03, 2003
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