Wolfhome is a 2d avatar chat, run by the chat engine Chatwitch. It is filled with the most irrtating and uneducated users, unfair admins and poorly diagnosed bugs.
Wolfhome User: Dewd, Ima' go talk to some people on Wolfhome, wanna join?
Mentally Sound Person: No. No I dont. Lets not speak again.
by Jodehkins. July 28, 2010
Top Definition
A chat website where your avatar is most commonly some type of Wolf, Fox, Coyote, etc. It's a magical land where nobody talks except for the exchange of small talk because they are pre-occupied with something more important and the administration is littered with complete narcissistic douches.
Person A: Why is everyone dead?

Person B: It's Wolfhome.
by Firelake September 26, 2011
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