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He was found by the Lumbee people in 1587 with a bloodied and swollen head. It was purported that he had tripped and hit his head on a rock, and as a result he was unable to recall his identity or his past.

He was only a young child, so the Lumbee people took care of him as one of their own. Having no recollection of his identity, the Lumbee people called him Wopposhaumosh, which translated into White. It took him no time at all to understand their language, and he adopted their customs as though he was one of them.

When he came of age, he went on a vision quest. He had been sitting in a circle for two days without food or water when a howling jarred him from a trance. A strange wolfish creature crashed through the underbrush and rushed at him. Frightened, White jumped up. The huge wolf jumped into the air, but it was unable to touch the man. It was then that White realized he was floating high above the ground. Disturbed by this revelation, he fell to the earth. The wolf's jaws clamped over his arm, and White yelled. Moments later a bolt of lightning came crashing down upon the beast, and White lost consciousness.

The next day White returned to the village. He was feverish and his people did all they could to heal the inflammation on his arm. Eventually, the fever broke and he recovered.

The night of the next full moon it was discovered that White was something all together different. He transformed before the villager's eyes, and became a beast known as a werewolf. He did not harm anyone. Instead, he ran off, howling at the moon, while a wild tempest raged around him.

Every full moon the villagers noticed how drastically the weather changed when White changed. They gave him a new name because he was a new person. It translated into WolfenStorm.

As time passed, WolfenStorm learned that he could control the weather in his human form. It was only in his lycanthrope form that he had no control of how his emotions affected the weather.

The years went by, and WolfenStorm remained untouched by the passing of time. He did not age due to the immortality granted to him through lycanthropy. When his friends died, he took to the wilderness. He found an abandoned cave and made it his home. There he explored his psionic abilities and eventually he even controlled his lycanthropy. No longer did he change during the full moon if he did not wish to do so.

Occasionally, WolfenStorm would return to civilization for a short period of time. He was an extrospective observer during these times, preferring to remain a safe distance away from others. To keep himself busy he wrote short stories and novels under various pseudonyms through the years.
Mary had always wanted to meet the were-mutant known as WolfenStorm.
by Roy Ott December 17, 2006
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