Wolf Jaws are a praticulary aggressive style of Camel Toe. Identified by their narrow but deep grip on blue jeans or other groin region fabric, they offer an attractive alternative to a standard fatty foupa.
I was attracted to her lovely hair but became enchanted and drawn to the WolfJaws in her jeans.
by Walt Padabney August 31, 2007
Top Definition
the descriptive term used to illustrate a vaginal region which has the following characteristics 1) unsanitary appearance 2) abundant pubic hair 3) gnarly pussy lips and possibly 4) putrid odor. If a female has any of the two previously stated characteristics she may be relegated to either a whore or an extremely indiscriminate female. Coital relationship with a woman of this stature is unacceptable by an appreciable well dignified male.
I met this chick at the bar last night but after we arrived at my house and got naked I could clearly see she had a nasty ass wolfjaw below the belt.
by Ian Hester April 22, 2008
Older terminology for a vagina, especially a hairy one. Generally used as a term for females in a sexual aspect.
"I'm holding out for some Wolf Jaw."
by Cliffjumper February 03, 2006
A chick who hungerily performs oral sex.
Betty gave me Wolf Jaw. She gobbled every drop up.
by Captain Jackpot March 31, 2005
The inverse of a bikini wax - maintain everything covered by a swimsuit or underwear, while growing out the side pipes
I originally went to the salon to get a bikini wax, but instead she suggested I try the wolfjaw.
by PBH Coiffure March 10, 2014
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