A disgusting girl that has greasy hair and wears shirts or sweaters that are hand-me-downs from her grandmother who probably got the clothes at a thrift store. She also wears old jeans that come above her belly button. She also must have a wrinkled face and must always be frowning no matter what the situation.
Look at dat Wolf over dare in da corner!! She's butt-nasty!!
by Ed Big Head April 07, 2006
hot guy at st.albans who is a master pimp. Is blonde but doesnt(usually)act like one. knows all drugs but doesnt take them...known to wear polos especially pink ones that are hott..has friend mike who doesnt think he can live up to his full pimping potential.
boy1:dude lets go pick up some girls
boy2:we need wolf to coach us he is a master pimp
by Lex December 16, 2004
thick dark facial hairs (on a woman)
I just got some new tweezers, so I spent the morning in front of my magnifying mirror, hunting for wolves.
by duckling350 November 06, 2005
A person of African American heritage.
Why is that wolf tree'in me?
by Angela December 30, 2004

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