(n.) An organization that will conquer and lead to paradise. -W arriors O f L egacy $ F ortune-
(v.) To engage in any act of pwnage.
Wolves will lead us to paradise...
by ALpHA September 30, 2003
1.A cousin of the dog
2.One of the best players in cTs
3.Ownes everyone but Tim Vader
1.The wolf and dog are related
2.Sven had no chance because he was against wolf
3.Wolf beats everyone until he meets with Tim Vader
by Junior July 28, 2004
To gag while performing oral sex and as a result simultaneously expel stomach contents resulting in a burning sensation of sorts for both parties.
"She wolfed me and it burned."

"I wolfed the sheriff, but I did not wolf the deputy."

"Are you into wolfing?"

< or just check out that French movie "Rape Me" >

by shredguy December 12, 2007
Short for "wolf in sheep's clothing".
An Asian-American girl, or an East Asian girl who has lived in the West for sufficient time to be poisoned by the white woman and her feminist bullshit.
"Yo, that Japanese broad is slammin' hot!"

"Don't get your hopes up, man- she's a wolf. Bitch went to Smith College. She's a militant vegetarian and a card carrying member of NOW."
by Sloppy November 14, 2005
a ruthless crook with a mean streak a mile long
my li'l man can get your money back. son's a straight wolf.
by Damian A. Smith March 06, 2005
A mark ass bee-yatch who is often found lurking around strip clubs, gay bars and inexplicably, the zoo.
Dude #1: Wolf was hanging around the pre-school again.
Dude #2: No doubt... he's the triple-threat.
by Rocksteady April 05, 2005
A criminal
"This goes out to all my wolves...in the streets and in jail" - Big L
by Jeffrizzel January 20, 2004

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