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A Death Metal Band consisting of 3 Members, all of which have no musical talent whatsoever. Their first debut album entitled "Holy Shit We're Hardcore" sold a whopping 7 albums worldwide. Their current tour,

My legs are open (to the world)

Is currently taking the US by storm, even with their rocky beginnings.

"That band Wolf Pussy is fabulous"
by WolfPussy November 19, 2007
8 8
a pussy that is so hairy that you are scared to stick your dick in it for fear it'll bite it off.
Brandi had a wolf pussy so I just made her give me head.
by Sergio415 September 11, 2006
434 153
A term used to describe an older or ugly woman who's vagina is undesirable or in bad shape.
Guy 1: Yo, did you see Mahan's mom the other night?
Guy 2: Yeah, I bet she's got that wolf pussy.
by McDaniel June 18, 2004
280 177
A hairy, ugly, smelly pussy
always got to be coming over here wit yo bigo wolf pussy
by big.D March 28, 2006
201 139
A nasty, nappy-haired, old, cob-webbed, gonnarria infested vagina.
Girl, I aint touchin that wolf-pussy of yours... fuck around and give me the clap, SHIIIT.
by R.L.S September 16, 2006
67 39
A pussy that is so fuckin hairy it looks like the bitch has Buck Wheat in a leg lock.
That bitches wolf pussy is haging out of her shorts
by Levi Nelson August 01, 2007
78 53
An extremely HAIRY VAGINA
Why's it look like Trisha has CHUBOCKA hanging out her she's got a huge wolf pussy
by Megan Britany June 16, 2006
103 80
A hairy ass disgusting old unshaved pussy
tell your mom to change those shorts we all can see that old wolf pussy!
by J-Tizzle89 February 24, 2010
63 47