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A man with a rather large and impressive penis. Smaller version of Woje.
"He was Woj for a Chinese guy."
by George Payne April 10, 2008
Linking back to the Han Dynasty, the last ruling dynasty in China, Woj is a VERY exclusive word only used by the Royal Blood line of "The Jow." Meanings can consist of actions varying from extremely superior (bossy) characteristics to the very taboo.
Person A: "OMG, Amazing Holly!"
Person of The Jow: "yes that is the woj"

Person A: "I Burned my scalp today with the curling iron and then I just pealed the scab off and now it hurts..."
Person of The Jow: "That is so woj!"

Person A: "So I was on my period last week and now I have to go to the OBGYN."
Person of The Jow: "I didn't need to know that you were woj-ing last week..."
by C. Jow October 22, 2007
A person who receives a blowjob while walking, also known as a walking blow job.
Mike was trying to leave the room because he had to get to class but Lauren was very persistent that they should hook up. So mike settled for a Wo-J, in order for him to get on his way while still hooking up.
by The Spitballer September 21, 2009
1- a super retard 2-if somethings really cool 3- if something is super fucked up 4-an asshole 5- if someone really fucks something up (this word is short for wojacowski pronuonced woj-a-cow-ski)
Definition 1- Guy 1- Your such a woj dude you tripped up the stairs

Guy 2 -At least i dont trip on air your the real woj

Defeiniton 2- Dude- Did you see that triple backflip!?

Other Dude- Yea it was soooooooo woj!

Defenition 3- Person- Wow that is not fixable.

Other Person-Yea its woj.

Defenition 4- Person- Jeremy is such a woj!!!!!

Defeniton 5- Person- Did you see that fight!?

Other Person- Yea he really wojed him!!!!!!!
by i iss coolio May 17, 2010
A Woj, is another word for a loose vagina.
"Yeah man, i totally stuck it right in her Woj!"
"Was it loose?"
":|,,,, Yeah!"
by The Juju April 13, 2008
A legendary gaming community, which can be found at
I love being in Clan WoJ
by LuKe)WoJ( April 03, 2005
Will Of Jesus: a select group of individuals who are superior in everywhere and form, simply put they are superior beings, much like gods.
He must be part of WoJ
by Adrian McC June 03, 2009
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