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A Dirty smelly stinky bastard of a dog
Blooming hek look at the lovely wogdog
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
A derogatory term used to identify and dishonor those of ethnic decent, residing in a mainly non ethnic population.

The ideal 'Wog Dog' can be seen at any time, simply by viewing Jersey Shore or observing any individual who practices 'GTL'.

For a real life dose, head to places such as West Sydney, or Coburg.

Some other popular synonyms are:

Ethnic Fleabag
Guido Mutt
Mediterranean Hound
"Man, I really hate that Andy guy, his hair is really dumb and all he does is try to fight me".
"Yeah I know man, that guy is a real WOG DOG.
by ShannonJamesHopeCoolGuy69 May 10, 2011
Dog of the WOG army,genarely a rottweiler. From sktfm.com (show #71)
WOW!! Did you see that WOGdog tear that scientologist apart?
by DIRT August 05, 2004