The large knockers found on a woman that are round and bangeranger, you know how we do.
Whoa shit yo, I cant beleive you missed those wobos, all round and perfect for squeezing.
by Andizzle April 14, 2003
Top Definition
A word created to mean anything it needs to be, it has an actual definition but it is unknown.

It is seen to be a noun though, and could be also related to 'Woba, Wobi, Wobbo'

It is most commonly seen as

Wobo Wobo
Wobo Wobo killed me and he just went plain wobo on me and wobo wobo wobo wobo WOBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by branond May 28, 2008
A hobo that loves waffles.
Person 1:Hey, look, a Wobo!
Person 2:What's a Wobo?
Person 1:A waffle loving hobo.
by I-am-a-zombie January 23, 2011
1. homeless and usually penniless vagabond who is female
2. a girl who gives handjobs for handouts
The wobo gave me a handjob for a warm piece of pie.
by TheKoz April 27, 2005
Worthless boyfriend
I'd like to introduce you all to Sam, my daughter's wobo
by getajobwhydontcha June 14, 2016
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