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underground Belgian dance with one rule: show your index fingers
i was wizzin so hard in the club last night man!
by Wizzinking November 27, 2011
To be getting panties in a bunch over nothing, to be "tripping" if you will. Means that you are being really unpleasant, uncool, and people dont want to be around you. (Verb, gerund)
BRO why you wizzin on me?!?!?! I thought that you were above elias and his wizzinness in wizland like a wizzard.
by The wizzard May 21, 2008
Verb: it means to be trippin', making a fool out of yourself, or being upright obnoxious. It can be used as noun, as "wizzard." means you are somebody who is lame, and is trippin' BIG TIME. It is something you don't wanna be doing in front of a hot chick!
Elias, ypu be wizzin' son, like a wizzard! Stop it now!
by wizzinwizzard May 19, 2008
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