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This word was originally derived from the Ancient Greek's meaning “The God of all...” thats not important, but what you should know is that a Wizna strives for perfection and unrivaled swagger. His game flow is unmatched by all that face him, and tremble in his wake. A Wizna's games flow is to be light on your feet and to move like a gazelle. A Wizna has the capability to carry the worst of players on and off the ice for Hockey is one of his/her mightiest talents. Many Ancient Indians believed “Wizna” to be the Harbinger of Death, and The Maker of Life. Another meaning of the word is a massive calf muscle or shape of one and/or perfectly blond frosted hair. Many have tried and failed be a Wizna, because a Wizna can not be imitated. A true Wizna is born a Wizna and this godliness have been forged since the beginning of time. Seeing a Wizna is compared to many as seeing a leprechaun or a jackal-ope, and any that see this mighty being shall be overcome with joy due to just how majestic a Wizna is.
(N) “ The right winger's ability to be a Wizna carried the team to the finnals”

(N) “ You have such a nicely shaped wizna, have you been working you legs out a lot?”

(N) “ I just got my hair done do you like my Wizna swag?”

(V)“ In the third period being down 3-1 the player somehow wiznaed out a goal.”

(The term “Wizna” is not limited to just being a noun or verb, this word can be used in any and every part of speech.)
by WIZkid1019 November 29, 2011