Designer toy company hell bent on taking over the world one toy at-a-time.
I buy all my collectible toys at Wizard Sleeve Toys.
by H-W-I-C March 24, 2010
Very flappy or dangly lips of a vagina.
Her wizard sleeve reminded me of the lips of a dog, so I couldn't pursue her orgy.
by KatiePWNSn00bz April 28, 2008
An unbelievably corny rap group hailing from Florida that ruined a great Sidney Samson song. Consisting of a member that looks like a nerdy, down-syndromed Derron Williams and another who looks like a homeless Emmanuel Adebayor.
*Slits wrist after listening to Wizard Sleeve*
by The Sorceroe February 23, 2010
when a womans vagina droops down it is described as a wizards sleeve due to its widening.
Why katie what a big wizard sleeve you have, well Tom, when you're as old and have had as much sex as i have, thats what happens
by stranger12345678901234567890 October 17, 2011
When a girls vagina is over used and hangs like the sleeve of a wizard.
Jayme over used her purple dildo (waldo) so her vagina now hang like a "wizard sleeve."
by fun monkey verm December 13, 2008
When I female's private region has been so badly abused, it hangs limply like the sleeve of a wizard's robe.
Man, I heard that Jamie was with Big ol' Beverly last night.

He said when he got finished, her box was tore up like a creepy Wizard Sleeve!
by Shoeshine Boy March 07, 2010
a woman who "gets around". a wizard's sleeve resembles the subject's vagina, much in the way a dog with a too much face looks when attacked with a hairdryer

*can also be applied to other parts of the body
stevie nicks is a wizard sleeve
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