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Another word for peepee, also spelt weewee. AKA a penis. Usually used by young boys.
"Mommy, why his wiwi bigger than mine?"
by meNNis November 12, 2006
20 7
An acronym for "Was it worth it?" Usually said to make fun of someone after they screw up when trying to do something meant to look awesome.
"Damn, that was a nasty fall."
"Yeah, backflips are hard. My ass hurts."
"Hey, man, can I ask you something?"
"Aw, fuck you, man."
by pjunk December 29, 2008
6 1
Whippin' It While Intoxicated. The way better term for a DUI because it is sooo much fun to say. Pronounced "WeeWee."
Dude don't get a WIWI
by Botard July 12, 2011
3 1