what a sheep with a lisp says when he says "pass those ritz krakas"
skidz:golly gee guys can i have sum witz those taste mighty fine mmmmm fosheezy my nigga word up!
by grace May 25, 2003
Top Definition
A trend setter of current affairs and pop culture. This person is known for their fashion sense, with special care taken to their footwear; See Sneaker Pimps A Witz is always well connected in the community, often the first on the block to know about concerts and celebrity tragedies.
Julia was considered the witz of Froebel’s Junior College.
by Loki January 31, 2005
When a person of generous proportions(i.e. fat) sits on a chair and breaks it.
Watch it, tank ass, you're gonna' witz that chair. It ain'ts strong.
by Pimpinjew February 11, 2003
a boy who seem's to get really pissed of at the slight succes of another person
don't have a witz because i passed sum simple tests
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
A crazy KRAKER face kraker that roams the streets in need of crack cocain
Damn Buddy is a Witz
by Joe/Hazan/Chris March 24, 2003
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