1. One who licks his own feet for sexual pleasure, Or usually when he can't rub one out.

2. Witmer-Fest: Also known as 'Gay sex', But can also be used as an Adverb to describe the gay sex scenario that a 'Witmer' is envoled with.
'Dude, You Witmered yourself?'
by GlowFood August 21, 2005
Top Definition
German for Blacksmith. Used as a in the old german 16th century era. Also used for mess up, or any words used for mess up.
"lets go buy some swords from the Witmer". "Lets Witmer the place up".
In German it is said as "Vitmiar" (Vit-my-er)
by Sparky Airheart October 18, 2008
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