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During sexual intercourse when a female defecates on the males face region, specifically covering the eyes with fecal matter and the male then ejaculates in the females mouth. The female then makes a small incision inside her vagina with a number 2 pencil or other sharp object and urinates into the males mouth. After which the male and female make out in order to mix the urine/sperm/blood. Optionally the female will spit the urine/sperm/blood mixture onto the males fecal covered eye's, writing the word withey, if she enjoyed the sexual experience, or an insult such as needle dick, douche, or chode if the experience was not satisfying.
I saw this video on 4chan of this asian couple giving eachother the WITHEY, its was totally sick dude.
by Hello my name is Shaniqua November 04, 2009
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