Witches brew is a family term for coffee. The stronger the coffee, the more it deserved the name of "witches brew". I think it got this name from the strong flavor of the coffee and the busy behaviour of people who drink too much coffee.
Mother laughed as she poured the hot liquid she called "witches brew" from the coffee pot into the porcelain mug. "Here", she said, offering me a cup of her famous witches brew.
by Merrily McCarthy July 19, 2003
Top Definition
Referring to a situation when a gentleman has not ejaculated for a long period of time. His baby batter has been brewing and thus is quite pungent and foul to the taste.
Dude, I have been stewing this witches brew for almost a month in anticipation of blowing it all over that whores face.

I busted a five roper of witches brew on that bitch and she almost vomited from the necrotic odor.
by Glass House October 26, 2011
The term used for when one throws up a little in their mouth, swallows it, then has to deal with the horrible after-taste.
Dude, after I ate that burrito and shotguned that Milwaukee's Best, I got the worst witches brew.
by BobbieSuee May 28, 2009
aka Brüe. Homestar's favourite beverage.
What's that supposed to stand for? Witches' brew?
by PoopyPoo November 25, 2004
A liquidy, bubbly fart--think of the simmering, foul concotion typically found in a witch's pot--that unfortunately results in a little surprise in one's underwear, and comes with the sickening realization that something slipped out that shouldn't have. Most uncomfortable and difficult to explain when in a public place, far from a toilet. Impossible to deny.
I was getting blown by this hot chick last night when I got a sudden episode of witches brew and she threw up on my balls.
by Charlie777 February 05, 2014
orginally coined by Homestar Runner, and used in mostly non sensical situations, no one is absolutely positive on the actual meaning of the term, although it has led to some speculation. Providence College scholars have listed as either
1. Alchohalic beverage
2. Female ejaculate
1. hey man, pass the witches brew
we are on our way to pick up some witches brew at the witch hut
2. Man, she got her witches brew all over the bed.
by James L January 21, 2005
A brew made by witches, liked by Homestar runner.
W? what's that supposed to stand for? Witches brew or something?
by Ali October 07, 2003
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