Ok i find that definition befor very offending. I attend that school. I do not get drunk, i am not gothic, i am not punk, i am not rich, i am not preppy, i am not critian and i am not jewish and i am sooo not smart. what r ya gonna sterotype ME as little miss i know everything?

Okay wissahiockon...we have a bad language department, we have an AWESOME f.h. team...our la-X is o.k....we have way too much h.w.

as for the gossip spreading...yeah thats so true. I am sooo the queen-in-training of the Fire Spreaders.

unless ur talking about the hs, then i would have to refrain from replying
1. our f.h. team won state champs last year and i think the year before that but dont quote me, im not sure
by Fire-Spreading Princess March 18, 2005
Top Definition
umm.. wissahickon school district is pretty simple to explain. it is 50% preppy white christian kids somewho think they are the hottest shit alive and then the others who either think they are really smart and are nerds or just the other ones. 5% white wealthy jewish kids who are friends with those white preppy christian kids. 20% black ghetto kids who think that they are all too cool for anything. 15% asian -- all types. those asians are fucking smart too. and 10% of everything else. GOTHIC AND PUNK are mixed in there too. Yeah well everyone at this school parties 24/7. drinking and puking and passing out and getting high is like their favorite thing in life. the kids who don't do this stay home on the weekends. Also.. another thing everyone does in that school is GOSSIP. its like if you tell someone something.. it will be around the school in less than half an hour. they just love to talk about it each other.

but yeah i guess in the end maybe SOME get into a decent college. either that or they are off to Montco (Montgomery County Community College) or they are just sitting on their asses and doing nothing at all.
"oh my god.. did you hear about that girl? she gave head to like 10 guys saturday night." - girl #1
"oh my god.. that's like ewwww. what a skank." - girl #2
"hey.. did you hear about that girl who gave like 20 guys head saturday night"- girl #2 to boy#1
"hell yes.. i was one of themm"- boy #1
"hahahaha.. eww ugh..hahah. whatever she is a skank."- girl #2
by you love us March 14, 2005
Notorious for its infamously fucked up school district, Wissahickon high school is filled with completely opposite blends of students that make up a distorted social ladder. This social ladder consists of popular kids with huge egos that will do anything to make the less popular kids feel bad about themselves. This can sometimes even entail mocking those that are mentally challenged (I am a personal witness). Many of these popular kids are professionals as gossiping. Don't tell anyone a secret because the entire school will know by the end of the day and you will become a social pariah for at least a month, until another scandal is committed to take people's mind off you. If you are not popular, you stay at home on weekends and study while the more popular kids go out to party, smoke weed, and get drunk off their fucking asses. Mixed in with this student body, an array of super-smart Asians can be found along with black kids that think they live in the ghetto..(they live in fucking Ambler...not a single one of them would actually make it in the real ghetto so they really need to get over that)... and could care less about school. There are a handful of decent people at this school, but do not be fooled. If you don't have to attend this hell hole don't. The teachers and staff can be equally snobby and biased towards their favorite students. Start sucking up if you want to get good grades and good positions in clubs.
Kids at Wissahickon

unpopular kid: hi
popular kid 1:.....hi.....(walks away)

30 minutes later

popular kid 1: {name of unpopular kid} said he likes me
popular kid 2: no fucking way.... I'll text {insert names of popular kid 2's contact list here}
by just observing April 07, 2011
School district located near Ambler, PA. Basically, the social groups divide into there religions normally.

First are the Jews. Wissahickon is made up of about 40% Jewish kids, and they are all filthy rich. They all hang out together, and their weekly schedule is mainly get high, play lacrosse and eat chipotle. They try to be original by wearing ridiculous clothes like neon green short shorts, but all dress like one another anyway. There is also the wannabe Jews, Christians that are also rich and hang out with the Jews, copy everythinh they do but aren't as popular. The wannabe Jews take up most of the schools disorted social ladder.

Next are the black kids. There are really two types of black kids, but they all hang out together. The first type are the ones that are friendly and actually very funny. They are usually the basketball/football players. They all smoke weed. The other type is the wannabe gangsters. These blacks hang out in Ambler and think they are ghetto, even though Ambler is a pretty nice town. They deal and do drugs. Most of these kids drop out by senior year.

Now the goths/gamers. The goths and gamers are the same group at our school. If you play a lot of video games, chances are you're hanging out with kids that are suicidal. This group is mostly boys, and usually are either really skinny or really fat white kids. Pretty much every gay/lesbian couple is from this group. They are depressing to be around, and only talk about Satan and video games.
Now for the nerds. Every school has these. They spend all the time studying, and won't let you copy off them on tests. These kids are mostly Asian and Indian, with the occasional white kid.

The sluts are next. A group of girls who all wear slutty clothes, and the Jew boys want to have sex with. They talk about BJs, sex and other things, but only prefrom these acts on older boys/men. They don't hang out with boys their own age.

Finally, the normal kids. These are the kids that don't constantly get high and act like tools, but aren't nerds either. Sadly, only about 5% of Wissahickon students are normal kids.

Thats pretty much Wissahickon for you.
by Ric'shaun August 12, 2014
The center of drug activity in the county, Wissahickon is full of druggies. Upon coming into the High School, a student will quickly learn about the rather obvious use of drugs, as the students are all very open about it. Sex comes quickly into your life in Wissahickon, and a student there should always have a condom ready. The administration department at the High School sucks, as the rules are completely out of wack, and the 'protective measures' against things such as bullying, drug use, alcohol, and fighting are only there to attack the students that don't do anything wrong. The student body is generally intolerant, and won't put up with anything that doesn't go with their own social group. The popular kids are there to act as Kings and Queens in the fucked up social ladder. Being in any club other than a sport is basically social suicide. The only students that get good grades are either cheating or they don't hang out with anyone, and their love life doesn't go far past their right hand. Wissahickon is basically the retarded younger brother of such schools as LaSalle, and Central Bucks.
Ever seen a guy who walks with a limp and can't pronounce most words in the english language, and always looks high? He probably went to Wissahickon.
by Ulqiorra October 23, 2009
n. A school district in southeastern PA. Noted as a revolving door for superintendents and principals. Former teachers include at least one known pedophile. Despite being in the richest county in the state, the district is perpetually behind the curve when it comes to technology and policy.

For an accurate breakdown of the student body, refer to definition 1.
Person 1: Hey didn't you used to go to Wissahickon?

Person 2: Yeah, but that was like 3 principals ago.
by JaredR May 30, 2005
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