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The act of masturbating utilizing melted Otter Pops as lubrication.
When we saw the stains Tyler's bed, it became clear that he had been Wisconsin Otter Slopping all afternoon.
by Gnarly Hands April 07, 2011
39 18
To masturbate using an OtterPop, or Freezee, depending on locale. Unleashed a torrent of colorful cold pleasure on those who chose to embark upon it's journey.
Chris: Oh man, why are the sheets all rainbow colored?

Alex: Tyler was doing the Wisconsin Otterslop


Alex: TYLER! Why were you doing the Wisconsin Otterslop on the bed?

Tyler: It... Felt.... Good?
by Colorful Otter April 12, 2011
8 1
The use of Otter Pops to enhance sexual self pleasure (masturbation).
We walked into the room and saw Tyler performing the Wisconsin Otter Slop. The cleaning lady didn't understand why there were blue, orange and green stains all of the bed sheets.
by Rico Hancho April 24, 2011
4 3