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When you 69 with a girl, and she farts, you reach over the edge of the bed, grab a walmart bag, and fill the bag with the stink. Turn around and start to fuck her. When when she is about to orgasm, put the bag over her head. When she gasps for air, pull the bag off and shoot your wad in her face.
"Dude, your girlfriend told me that you gave her a Wisconsin Hot Air Balloon last...good call..."
by WI Pharter April 16, 2009
An intricate manuever inspired by Eminem. This act is performed correctly when a man places a deflated balloon into the snatch of a horny babe and has her queef excessively until the elastic balloon is completely inflated. The man then inhales the fermented air into his lungs and belches the stench into the face of the woman.
That chick from Racine was into some kinky shit. Last night, she had my friend Dan do the Wisconsin Hot Air Balloon. Don't talk to him, he still hasn't brushed his teeth.
by Lord of Ballyhoo October 03, 2011
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