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A classy, helpful man from the great Badger state. The Wisconsin Gentleman is always willing to pitch in to help friends, acquaintances and fellows he has just met. You can count on him to have jumper cables when your battery is dead. He can start a campfire on the first try. He won't complain when his local tavern is out of Old Fashioned mix, as he will enjoy a brandy and Pepsi almost as much. He may not be the smartest man in the group, and style isn't his strong suit. He's as comfortable in blue jeans and a bolo tie as he is in blue jeans and no tie at all. Look for him wearing his trademark confident smirk under a haircut that can only be described as "business in the front, party in the back." The ladies love the Wisconsin Gentleman, although they can't tell you exactly the appeal. You will always have a good time when a Wisconsin Gentleman is around.
Hans: "I arrived at this campsite without a tent."
Zack: "You can sleep in my tent. I set it up, but I was kind of planning on sleeping in my truck anyway."
Hans: "You, sir, are a true Wisconsin Gentleman."
by Stoolio D July 12, 2011