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The most drunk a person can be and still basically function.

For a TRUE Wisconsinite, my experience is that this is somewhere around 30 to 40 beers for the average male and about 15 to 25 for the average WI female (add 1 beer for every 10 lbs of body weight over 200 lbs).

Wisconsin drunk is normally accomplished in an all day drinking fest centered around Packers games, vacationing out of state in large packs, or any time there is something remotely resembling an excuse for drinking. It is almost ALWAYS done while eating 3 or more brats.
Sven: Oh man. I woke up soooooo hunover this mornin'. I couldn't find my caar. My face was stuck to da floor and I still had a beer in one hand and a half eatin' brat in tha other. I didn't even know who won the paackers' game...? Whoa whadda night!

Ole: Oooo. Sounds like you got Wis-caaahnsin drunk last night Sven. I would tell you what you did but I don't remember cuz I was Wis-caaahnsin drunk too!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Wisconsites are generally very friendly. Here is an example of what an out-of-stater might here shortly before going "Wisconsin drunk": "Hiya!! Welcome to Wis-caaahnsin!!! Here's a beer and here's a brat!!!!!" (They are being nice but you should FEAR those words)
by Ewstevens3 March 29, 2010
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