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When your nipple goes all big and aggy when it is warm (warm nipple)
Tim: Egh, what is that? That is angin
Sarah: *blushes and flicks nipple so it goes hard and erect* the room is really warm and I got wipple
by m.lik January 07, 2014
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The resulting erect state of a woman's nipples upon entering or leaving a cold body of water (shortened from water nipples).
"Yo dude, check out the wipples on that babe in the pool."
by GoShogun March 24, 2005
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What a drunk calls his third saggy nipple
Grandpa "Dis right herr... This here is my wipple, you are free to touch my wipple"
Me"Sorry you had to hear that, he's been that way without his meds.
by ToOnErDuDe14 August 08, 2016
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