A: a bad haircut you get from a bum.

B: a sock cap with vomit in it. Like a yarmulke but less kosher.

C: An everyday wearable colander.

No matter the definition, all are owned by an American Urban legend in the blues world known only as Honest Drangle.
Definition 1

Man 1: "Bro your hair looks awful what happened?"
Man 2: "I got a wino hat for 3 bucks. Cheaper and more hipster than mainstream haircuts!"

Definition 2

Mom: "Merry Christmas! Santa got drunk and gave you a wino hat!"
Tiny Tim Tebow: "Oh joy! This is much better than a regular sock cap! God bless us, everyone!"

Definiton 3

"Man I have this pan full of spaghetti but there's all this hot water in the pan too! If only I had a wino hat so I would always be able to drain my pasta on the go!"
by loginabox22 October 25, 2012

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