Ah, the Peg,Winnipeg. Winterpeg. -51C with windchill in the winter, +49C with the humidex in the summer. Bands aplenty, mosquitoes aplenty and more gangbangers than you can shake a stolen car at.
To go Banger-spottingin winnipeg, just drive or ride through either the north end or Maryland and Langside.
The latter is sometimes refered to as Scaryland and Gangside. This may aid you in your Banger-spotting endevours.
Pegger 1>I was going to work last week and my Banger-spotting was interupted by severe bloodloss and unconciousness.
Pegger 2>You got shot?
Pegger 1>No. Mosquitoes. I'll never forget my repellent again.
Pegger 2>Serves you right, you stupid limey.This is winnipeg.
by Mad English December 07, 2007
commonly known as Winterpeg, is a very weird city in which it can get to +40 degrees celcius or -50 degrees celcius.
did you hear about winnipeg? this summer it was +40, but now its -50!
by Peeblo December 17, 2008
damn, one fucked city. you either love it or hate it; we get hella cold winters, hella hot summers, with plenty of carjackings in between, and murders. murder capital of canada, REPRESENT. our south end is probably the chillest part of the city, least killings, least gangstas. west ends got the African mafia mad cowz n some otha crazy shit, north ends got the natives and the indian posse, east ends got some philipino gangs ive heard, who knows, i dont care about that part of the city. our party scenes pretty dope, lots of bars etc, plus we got the college, so some prettttty decent girls round here as well. oh and the junior hockey is sick, and the pro hockey isnt bad either; our pro football team blows, bombers, i dont even wanna talk bbout them. anyways if your drivin thru here, dont go out downtown late at night n make sure yo cars got an immobilizer haha
man, i was cruisin thru the north end of winnipeg and some natives jumped me and took my car!

wow i saw the winnipeg blue bombers play the other night, they sucked so bad i left half way through
by southside52 January 29, 2007
a place where you will get pulled over and handed a speeding ticket for driving 51 in a 50km/h zone.

(with some of the worst drivers in the world - Winnipeg drivers don't know how to cope driving anywhere else or even on a highway. and inexplicably are always flipping each other the bird)
the "highway" around Winnipeg has traffic lights to stop people from going too fast. ?????!!!!!!
by kaosinthegarden June 10, 2011
Capital of Manitoba. Dangerous in some areas, a complete joke in others (Pembina, St. Vital, Richmond West). Don't start no shit, won't be no shit. Easy girls. SHITTY WEATHER --> hot ass summers, cold ass winters. Bad mosq's (not so bad last summer, well atleast not in Richmond West). Good party scene. Easy girls. Cheap shopping. Really good place to start a family (well not in shitty areas, i.e., North End). Friendly people. A lot, I mean A LOT, of Natives though. We don't have summer, we have construction. Proud SLURPEE CAPTIAL. Under-rated to the M.A.X.
Douche: "Where are you from?"
Pegger: "Winnipeg."
Douche: "Where?"
Pegger: "Douche."
by BOOP111000111 February 11, 2010
Winnipeg. The place with the highest crime rate in Canada. I call it the "New York" of Canada. It has natives that will jack you in a blink. Easy drugs. If you want to live anywhere in Canada, it is Winnipeg.
Josh: I am from Winnipeg.
Someother guy from someother country: oshit he must have a gun..lets run.
by Eric... November 26, 2005
City north of minnesota with similar architecture to chicago. Gateway to western canada.
by UW Admirer September 13, 2003
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