hell - frozen over in the winter, with a wicked local band scene and awesome summers!
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
An up-and-coming Canadian city with about 660,000 people in the city proper and 710,000 in the metro. It spent a few decades on the decline, but has been showing a huge comeback in the past 5 years in economics, commerce, culture, politics, etc.
If I was going to live anywhere in Canada, I'd live in Winnipeg.
by Sultan May 17, 2005
The capital city of Manitoba, Canada. Also known as "Winterpeg" because you can build a snowman by late October and it will last to early April. Gets deadly cold in the winter and bakin' hot in the summer. The four seasons are, Winter, Spring, Summer/Road Construction, and Fall. Was home of the Winnipeg Jets, but they got sold off to Pheonix (I think). Huge hockey/football town. Has 3 major teams, Hockey: Manitoba Moose, Football: Blue Bombers, Baseball: Goldeyes. Also has one shitty neighbourhood called the north end, plenty of Natives, drunks and gangs to mug and kill you there.
I should know because I live in the godforsaken place.
Drunk Native Gangster: Yo B gimmi yo fuckin wallet!
#winnipeg #winterpeg #canada #snow #cold
by Burkus December 16, 2008
Also reffered to as "peg city", Winnipeg is the capital and largest city in Manitoba.

Winnipeg has a football, baseball and hockey team.

The winters are cold, (-30)and summers are hot (+30).

The city is notorious for crime, most of it occuring in neighbourhoods such as North End, West End, Downtown and East Kildonan.

Marijuana is very affordable and easy to find here.
Some interesting places in Winnipeg to check out:

-The Forks
-Mts Centre
-Ass Park
-The Legislative Building
-Osborne Village / Corydon Avenue
-Polo Park / St. Vital malls
-Royal Canadian Mint
-Kimberly Hill
-Wildwood Park
-Wellington Crescent
#manitoba #canada #peg city #marijuana #crime
by blahzay September 05, 2007
The Slurpee Capital of the World.
Where were Slurpees originally from? Winnipeg!
#manitoba #canada #slurpee #noob #ontario #saskatchewan
by Criken (Canada Version) July 23, 2010
A pretty good city in Manitoba Canada. NO LONGER THE MURDER CAPITAL OF CANADA (that title now goes to Edmonton, Alberta). Winters are getting warmer as each year goes by. Some new develoments in the downtown (although no LRT yet, which sucks). An extremely multicultural city; the Filipino Capital of Canada. Also a very underrated city. Tons of festivals in the summer, and a few in the winter. Close to so many lakes and outdoor recreational activity areas. A good city that will soon be upgraded to a "great" city.
So I got jumped and mugged in Calgary and saw three people carrying guns in downtown Toronto. Guess there is crime all over Canada. Winnipeg ain't looking so bad now.
#peg city #win-a-pig #suncity #winterpeg #gateway to the west
by Philip Orestes October 13, 2006
A strange, mid-size city in Canada (8th largest) known for extreme weather and very hard partying. The city was in decline from about 1975-2000 but is on the rebound due to lots of jobs, low cost of living, a thriving arts scene, and easy access to pot and coke. All Canadian bands worth mentioning are from Winnipeg. Apparently Homer Simpson is based on a character (Matt Groening's dad I think) who was from somewhere close to Winnipeg, hence all the references in The Simpsons. Some areas are notoriously unsafe, I believe its the murder, car theft, and assault capital of Canada, all because of the native population. I felt safer in the ghettos of L.A. and Chicago than Winnipeg's North End. If you want a weekend of good blow and cheap beer, Winnipeg is for you - but bring a gun. Oh, and DONT touch the hookers, you'll get swine flu.
"That's it - back to Winnipeg!"
#dirty #fun #cool shit #the bomb #drunk
by party in the peg August 08, 2009
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