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When brother A lets brother B have sex with his (brother A's) wife, and in return, brother A gets to have sex with their sister. This is a Winnipeg wife swap.

•7:41PM• <Grim> would you let your bro fuck tessa?
•7:41PM• <spitfire> hell yeah
•7:42PM• <Grim> i think its weird that you and your bro are gonna bang tess and her friend together
•7:42PM• <Grim> gay incest
•7:42PM• <spitfire> well, i mean...compared to him banging my sister
•7:42PM• <spitfire> its nothing really
•7:42PM• <spitfire> doesnt even phase me
•7:42PM• <Grim> true enough
•7:42PM• <Grim> and now you get to fuck your sister too?
•7:42PM• <spitfire> yea
•7:42PM• <Grim> that's a winnipeg wife swap!
by LWG November 14, 2007
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